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GroSnug Light (Summer)
Brand Gro Company

GroSnug Light (Summer) "Wild Posy" 0-3 mths

GroSnug Light  for rooms 21 - 25 degrees. 

  • Snuggle up – this easy to use snuggle allows you to swaddle your baby with arms tucked in for total snugness or arms out, making it perfect for transitioning baby from swaddles to baby sleep bags.
  • Hip healthy accreditation - designed to be snug on top but are specially designed at the bottom to allow a natural hip-healthy leg position, as approved by the international hip dysplasia institute
  • Easy nappy changes – all bags have an easy zip opening that’s perfect for night-time nappy changes, meaning you can unzip from the bottom for a quick-change keeping disturbance to a minimum
  • Super soft cotton rich fabric– made for comfort our snuggle is designed using soft cotton rich fabric, fluorescent free, better for baby and is machine washable so better for you!
  • Safer sleep is better sleep- keeping your child at a safe temperature while sleeping is essential. all our products have been safety tested and approved and are proven to be safer than loose bedding

Snuggle up

Babies change, and often more quickly than we’d like. When they’re tiny, they may love the cosy feeling of being swaddled; the next moment they want to spread out like a starfish!

 With our new snuggle, you can swaddle your baby with arms in for total snugness, or pop open the armholes and let them stretch out. Available in two sizes, 0-4m and 3-9m, it’s the perfect choice if you’re undecided about swaddling, or if your baby is ready to transition from swaddling to sleep bag.

 Sleep well, sleep safely

Cosied up in our NEW safety-approved snuggle*, your baby will enjoy a comfortable, safer night’s sleep, with their arms in or out as they prefer. There’s plenty of legroom for a hip-healthy position, a choice of togs to keep them at a safe temperature, and all our grobags are safer than loose bedding

 *Recommended by The Lullaby Trust, the UK’s leading safe sleep charity

 Arms in or out

Our snuggle is so simple you could use it in your sleep, which is sometimes how it feels. With no complicated fastenings or wrapping, you simply lie your baby down and zip them in. If you don’t want to swaddle their arms in, simply pop open the armholes, one arm at a time or both together your baby will decide. When its time to change that nappy, our easy access two way zip makes changing quick and simple, especially in the middle of the night. Theperfect sleepwear when your little one is happy to self soothe.

 So soft, you’ll be jealous

Your own bedsheets will feel like straw by comparison, and when you see your baby so comfy, you’ll want one for yourself. But sorry, our touchablysoft, cotton-rich, fluorescent-free fabric is used to make comfy sleepwear for little ones only.

 Designed for fit, form and function

Our NEW Grobags come in a range of gorgeous fabrics - but that’s not all. They’ve been thoughtfully designed for fit, form and function, with NEW hour glass shape, they’re hip-healthy, comfortable, and have smart features like the two way easy-change zip, wide tog choice for different room temperatures or seasons, and handy what-to-wear guide which helps you keep your baby at just the right level of comfiness.

 Sleep, it’s what dreams are made of

Let’s face it, your chance of a good night’s sleep now rests on your little one being cosy, safe, and settled for as long as possible. Thankfully, that’s where our NEW range of Grobags can help.


From swaddles that mimic the cosy feeling of mum’s tum, to sleep bags that encourage independent sleeping, to our Steppee - designed to prepare toddlers for grown-up bedding - we’ve got sleep time sorted all the way from sensitive newborn to active toddler. Now, let’s get some sleep.

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